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Marketing Communication Uses Email, Newsletters and Direct Mail to Sustain Sales Momentum

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Consistently communicating your marketing message is an essential part of your marketing communication strategy and a key element of sustaining sales momentum within your sales pipeline. Everyday your customers and prospects become busier and therefore your message would benefit from being delivered on multiple marketing channels such as newsletter (ezine) and direct mail. Using variety as a strategy is good because you may not know which marketing channel will reach through, deliver your marketing message and tip the scale, bringing your business to the top of their mind.  Increasing the channels you communicate through and the frequency of that communication, increases the chances that when your customer is on a burning platform and looking for solutions, your message will be there to solve their problem.

Email, phone, direct mail letters and email campaigns can all play a part within your marketing communication package. In the past I have mentioned I use ACT as my contact database to deliver email campaigns. For example I use email campaigns to deliver the newsletter for my company Executive Sales Support. You may have considered sending a campaign to market your business. Let’s that a look at newsletters sent via email campaigns and how analyzing the newletter statistics they generate, can help you zero in and sustain sales momentum.

We might think of email campaigns as the direct mail of the internet, although there are several added benefits when you utilize email to deliver your message. Benefits such as delivering your message to more customers and prospects and delivering it faster are some of the first benefits I think of. These alone help sustain sales momentum within your sales pipeline simply by casting the net wider and increasing the number of customers and prospects that hear your message.

Delivering by email campaign gets your message working overtime in several additional ways. Most importantly, email campaigns generate statistics. Let us take an overview look at how analyzing these statistics can improve the effectiveness not only of your message but also your ability to follow through.

One way to start utilizing campaign statistics is to implement split testing to improve message targeting. Split testing is a method that sends your message with two slightly different wording and uses statistics to determine which message drew more attention. Another important factor about email campaigns is that they enable you to highlight words within your message. The highlighted words, called hyperlinks, take the reader to places such as your website, where more information about your business and the products you offer can be found. As these links are followed, statistics are generated. Analyzing this statistic, gives you insight into generally which products interests the readers of your newsletter and specifically who is interested in those products.

In summary, email campaigns improve your ability to sustain sales momentum within your sales pipeline by not only delivering your message to more customers and prospects and doing it faster, but also by producing statistics. Analyzing these newsletter statistics, gives you insight into what interests your contacts, enabling you to target your message more effectively and improving your follow up by equipping you with statistical knowledge

While you are out seeing clients and closing deals, do not forget to ask how your customers and prospects heard of your company. Their answers will enable you to track which communication channel is providing impact.

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Does Internet Marketing For Small Business Provide Any Value?

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If you are not taking advantage of Internet marketing for small business, then as a small business owner you are missing an enormous opportunity. Self-employed business owners, like you, often overlook how the Internet can promote their businesses. You will be familiar with all of the following excuses:

• I have been in business for 25 years. I do not need the Internet.

• I do not have time to figure out how to market online.

• I have a little dress shop in a small town. What good is the Internet to me?

• I am a local business; not a global business. I do not need the Internet.

No matter where you live or where your business is located you are heading down the road to extinction, if you are avoiding the Internet.

How can Internet marketing for small business help you?

Think about this: A group of people arrive in your town and want to find out where the restaurants are located; and where those interesting small shops can be found. What do they do?

(a) Find the nearest phone booth and check the Yellow Pages book.

(b) Stop and ask at a gas station.

(c) Check their iPhone where they can easily search for restaurants and shops plus a map for directions.

If you chose (a) the phone booth, your visitors will have a hard time finding a phone booth. They will have an even harder time finding a phone booth with a phone book dangling on a wire chain.

If you chose (b) the gas station, depending on the size of your city, may not be able to give accurate directions. If your potential customers do get directions, they can easily get lost again or discover something else.

If you chose (c) check their iPhone, then you understand the effect the Internet has on every business. More and more people are checking the Internet for locations and directions.

Start your Internet marketing for small business today.

Follow these instructions:

(1) Do a Google search for your business. For example, restaurants and the name of your city.

(2) A list of restaurants will come up.

(3) If yours comes up, look over to the right of your business name it will say, “Edit this page – Business Owner?”

(4) As the owner of the business, you can verify the listing then add more information about your business, plus pictures, comments and a link to your website (if you have one).

Small business owners, who use Internet marketing for small business, will have many advantages over those who do not use the Internet. Firstly, customers will easily find them because they will be searching online rather than using the Yellow Pages book. Secondly, depending on the business there could be opportunities to ship products abroad. Thirdly, Internet marketing is less expensive than radio and newspapers. Lastly, customers can be directed to your website for more information and discount coupons.

Getting your business set up on Google Places is an excellent start. Your next steps involve getting listed in online directories, setting up a website and social marketing. Now is the time to begin your Internet marketing for small business.

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A Successful Home Based Business Includes Both a Great Company and Internet Marketing

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Want to succeed in a home based business? If so, you will need to get down to work and learn how to actually market your network marketing business. This is becoming easier and easier to do, thanks to the internet.

Lots of people have home businesses. In fact in 2006, 15.2 million folks in the United States (and over 58 million worldwide) were operating a multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales home based business (according to the Direct Selling Association). Most of these individuals (67%) said that they were doing it for additional income or because “it’s your business and making money through direct sales is important” to them.

So, what’s the potential for making additional income? It should be excellent since direct selling is a huge industry. In the US alone, over $32 billion in products were sold in 2006 through this distribution model (with $109 billion worldwide).

Unfortunately, though, over 90% of the people who go into a home based business never achieve the financial success they desire. Why is this?

Perhaps it’s because of the methods that are being taught, something that is being called “Old School Network Marketing.” Here’s how it works. Someone gets excited about a product and business opportunity and signs up to become an independent sales representative. Then, they are trained by their company and upline leaders to start with their “warm market:” make a long list of family and friends, call each of them, provide some information about the company, invite them to a presentation, possibly do a three-way call or meeting with someone upline, and then sell (close) these “prospects” on the product and/or business.

What happens during this process? Usually, the sales rep gets a very lukewarm or skeptical response. Some people will agree to buy, just to help out their friend or relative, but many say “no” outright, which leaves the new rep open to experiencing a lot of negativity. Unless he or she is very tough skinned, enthusiastic, or oblivious it is a very difficult and slow way to build a business. Since most home business owners work part-time (89.9%) they may not have the time to invest in learning effective techniques or they may not possess the persistence they need to keep on “keeping on.” In addition, most of the home business sales force is female (85.2%) and women, typically, don’t like to be seen as “pushy.”

So over time, many of the independent sales representatives who got involved with their company for the income decide to just do the business as a hobby or to get the products at a discount.

There is a better way!

Of course, you still need to be part of a great company. There are TONS of excellent network marketing, MLM, and direct sales/party plan companies out there. Hopefully, you’re already part of one, the investment was minimal, and your company offers a product or service that you really believe in.
Next, you need to learn how to market yourself and your business online! You may be saying that your company doesn’t allow you to use or promote their name. That’s fine, because you want to be promoting YOU, not them.

So, how are you going to go about it? Take some time to identify what it is about your company, and its products or services that you really love. Why? Because these ideas are what you are going to promote as part of your web presence and “brand.”

For example, let’s say that you market a gourmet food product that’s great for busy people who enjoy home cooking but just don’t have the time for all the steps that a recipe normally requires. Your company’s products only require that you add one or two ingredients, and they taste great. So even though you can’t use or advertise the name of your direct sales company, you can begin to develop an internet presence for yourself (through a blog, online lens, or even articles like this one). You might become known as the “Gourmet Gal” (your “brand”) and give all sorts of tips for simple cooking and entertaining.

Will it take work to market your business this way? Yes, but there are many resources out there to learn how to develop this approach. What you will find is that, over time, people who love what you have to say are going start asking you for more information. These like-minded folks are going to be ideal prospects for you and your home business. You certainly won’t be talking any of them into buying something, just to help you out.

Of course, you can still do face-to-face presentations. You don’t need to get all of your business from the internet. However, once you see that there are multiple ways to market your business (including online options) you won’t feel like a “failure” when most of the friends and family on your list say “no.”

In fact, you will find that your home business, which is now also an internet home business, is fun AND financially rewarding.

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How You Can Catch Turning Points in the Forex Market

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Trading turning points refers to any time the currency trends in a specific direction and then clearly changes direction and trends in the opposite direction. This is often referred to a retractment, retracement, bounce or turning point trading by Forex traders.

In order to catch and trade turning points in the market one has to understand what makes the market move. Market movements are caused by the buy and sell order flow into the market. It is as simple as that. You therefore have to become an expert at understanding how the market responds to these sell and buy orders and where they are likely to accumulate.

There are 4 major groups of market participants who cause orders to be placed in the Forex Market.

The first group consist of the major banks and institutions. They have the ability to move the market. You better believe this for your own trading sanity. How often have you been in a transaction which is going nicely positive for an hour or so and then suddenly goes 30 to 50 pips against you for no apparent reason? There was no announcement. There was no major support or resistance where the price turned. It was not at a special time of day i.e. market opening. One of these big players may just have placed a $100 million order in the market.

Often these big players do not like the direction of a particular market trend and then boldly introduce a huge amount of orders in the opposite direction. Because the price is in the middle of nowhere these orders have an overwhelming impact and will reverse the market. They have very little risk as their deal goes profitable almost immediately. This happens 6 to 8 times a day and explains why in spite of following your trading plan to the letter your deals go bad. These moves can be traded if your broker supplies volume information and often you will see the volume go up before the trend moves.

The second group are orders placed by participants in the market based on Technical Analysis approaches. These orders are placed at various strategic price levels and act as entry orders or stop orders. These orders accumulate around support and resistance levels in the market. This explains why when a certain price level is reached there is often a big move in the market as all these orders are activated at the same time. You need to be competent at identifying these support and resistance levels so that you can anticipate these moves. A large part of the market movement is based on these price levels. Round number price levels, Fibonacci levels, Pivot points and historic support and resistance levels are used by traders to trade these levels.

The third group are orders that are placed in the market as a result of economic announcements and news. These orders can move the market over 100 pips in 2 minutes and can also reverse the market over 200 pips in the next 5 minutes. They are orders that are placed as a result of the fear and greed reactions to current news. You need to watch the economic announcements schedule closely to make sure you are not adversely affected by these orders. When in doubt don’t trade these potentially wild moves.

The fourth group are orders that are processed by the financial institutions based on their actual need to buy and sell currencies in order to settle commercial trade transactions or investment money movement transactions. Many times these transactions occur when financial markets open and when they are about to close. This is why trends can occur at these times.

Using the order flow behaviour in the Forex market as mentioned above has helped many traders understand the price movements and has given them the ability to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Direct Sales Marketing – Creating Success in Your Direct Selling Business

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There is no doubt in the minds of many that there is an economic down as of this writing. That said, there is also an increasing popularity of direct selling. So we can all expect as result that we will be receiving more invitations to direct selling home party demonstrations. That said, for you to succeed I have chosen to discuss a matter that is costing rather than making many persons involved in direct selling opportunity many a dime – Verbal Diarrhea!

I always thought that phrase in one ear and out the other to be really funny. I guess its just a kid thing cause you see these visual images…ok ok!

One of the most frequently asked questions by direct sales representatives is “How can I in direct sales book appointments and get them to hold? Party Plan Pat is here to offer you some direct sales help. Lend me your ears!

Your potential customers often express opinions and stories in every conversation. These opinions and stories hold the keys to fantastic opportunities that are laid out for our use. The problem is that while these stories are being told, we often allow our minds to wander focusing on when you are going to make the sale or worse still worrying about how to seem natural to get the sale.

You see the hidden secret to direct selling success stories is learning to capitalize on the opportunities is to Listen on purpose. My friend, coach and mentor Ann Sieg, a.k.a The Renegade Network Marketer would always say to me “Kagwiria, You cannot give information until you get information!”

There is a very simple mind game that can be played while listening that will assist in maximizing each bit of information that is expressed as you go about your direct sales recruiting.

Are you serious about your direct sales opportunity? I thought so, Great! OK then I must tell you about the 3 vital skills that must be developed by direct sales consultants
in order to become an accomplished Listener.

#1. Visualize: Not don’t imagine them in their underwear, that only works for public speaking and creepy sleazy guys! Visualize what is being said Remember that your client is expressing information that will assist you in accomplishing your goals later on in the conversation. These memories are important to your client and if they are important to you, this will serve as a foundation for your success.

#2. Listen to body language There are a couple effective tools to remember about body language. 95% of communications is non-verbal. Studies have shown that up to 95% of a message is conveyed through nonverbal actions. Therefore, just because you SAY what you mean, this does not guarantee that the message is accepted in the same manner. Nonverbal cues could completely change the meaning that is taken by receivers of the message. Refrain from leaning back and crossing your arms in front of your chest. This will give the perception of being bored or having a closed mind. It is also important to maintain eye contact without staring. It is wise to occasionally catch the Speakers eye and then break the contact with a polite nod of your head. This shows that you are interested and paying attention.

#3. The mind game of listening. The repetitive nature of the direct selling business makes it so that we are so used to the flow of this. So many direct sales reps find it hard to stay interested and adopt the attitude of same old same old. This game will allow you to practice your listening skills and will naturally hone your ability to effective accumulate information. The game is to keep the conversation as exciting as possible, meanwhile accumulating as much information as possible without revealing anything about yourself. As you listen and process what is being said, ask yourself how this information can help you achieve your goals. This game will teach you to avoid thinking about your own stories and opinions while the Speaker is talking. The greatest honor that can be given is your undivided attention.

There are two benefits to Listening.
*First is that we are building a storehouse of information that can be used to our advantage.
*The second is that once we bestow the honor of our attention to someone, it is only right and proper for them to give their attention back to us. We will then be able to utilize the information to complete our goals without interruption.

People are starved for attention, the one that pays attention reaps the greatest returns and remember:

“It is not a conversation if only one person is talking”
- Chuck

‘ears to your success :)

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